Indesit IBD5517WUK1

  • Product features
  • Brand - Indesit
  • Model Number - IBD5517WUK1
  • 1 year warranty
  • Colour - White
  • Load capacity - 217L
  • Product description

    Get the most out of your groceries with this white fridge freezer from Indesit. Because it has a 235 litre capacity, it can hold up to 13 bags of food shopping. LowFrost technology reduces icy build-ups too, which means you wont need to defrost it as often. And thanks to the Salad Crisper drawer, you can keep your favourite fruits and veggies organised perfect for grabbing healthy ingredients when making a soup. The doors are reversible as well, so you get to decide whether it opens from the left or right.

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  • Product Price £414
  • Delivery £18
  • Appliance Removal £-
  • Installation £18
  • Total Price £450
  • Credit Price (agents only) £480
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Full Specification

Indesit IBD5517WUK1

Indesit IBD5517WUK1
Energy EfficiencyA+
Fridge Capacity135L
Freezer Capacity82L
Frost FreeNo