Hoover HDI1LO38S

  • Product features
  • Brand - Hoover
  • Model - HDI1LO38S
  • Full Size
  • Fully Integrated Dishwasher
  • Product description

    The Hoover HDI1LO38S full size fully integrated dishwasher allows you to wash up to 13 place settings in one load.

    The 5 different wash programmes you can choose from allow you to select the correct setting for what is in your cycle, making sure you look after your crockery. There is also 4 different wash temperatures to choose from allowing you to select higher temperatures for the more soiled loads or lower temperatures for when it's a lighter soiled load.

    The adjustable basket make it easy for you to fit all of your cutlery in one wash or when you don't have as much cutlery you can make more space for other items. Thanks to the 32 minute rapid programme you are able to get a cycle completed quickly before work or just before bed offering you flexibility as to when you put your dishwasher on. The 3, 6 or 9 hour delay start feature also give you that little bit of flexibility, simply load your dishwasher and set it to start while you are at work or in bed and it will be ready for when you need it.

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Full Specification

Hoover HDI1LO38S

Hoover HDI1LO38S 13 Place Setting Integrated Dishwasher
InstallationBuilt In
Place Settings13
Energy EfficiencyA+
Noise emission53 dB(A)
Energy EfficiencyA+
Anti-Flood deviceYes
InstallationBuilt In
Anti Flood DeviceNo