Bosch Classixx WTN83201GB

  • Product features
  • Brand - Bosch
  • Model Number - WTN83201GB
  • Condenser Design
  • 2 year warranty
  • Load capacity - 7kg
  • Colour - White
  • Product description

    With the Bosch Serie 4 WTN83201GB Condenser Tumble Dryer you not only have a versatile way to dry your laundry but also way to tailor the dryness to your own needs.

    Thanks to the range of options including AutoDry, Fast Drying, Sensitive Drying and AllergyPlus, you have all you need to keep your fabrics not only dry but cared for.

    Using electric damp detector, your new Bosch Serie 4 Condenser Tumble Dryer is able to offer the AutoDry option. By automatically detect when your laundry reaches the desired level of dryness. Internal sensors measure the moisture and temperature to ensure your fabrics are protected from over-drying to prevent shrinking and damage. Choose from range of dryness to suit your needs.

    For those in a rush, the Quick 40' drying program is ideal. Using precision controlled temperatures and internal sensors you clothing is dried as quickly as possible.

    With the ECARF certified Sensitive Drying System your new Bosch Serie 4 Condenser Tumble Dryer is able to reduce residue and allergens such as pollen particles, animal hairs and dust mites within your laundry. Combined with the fabric-friendly drum structure give you soft laundry with less creases.

    You even have the Outdoor+ Drying programme for care of your more rugged items and the Down Drying programme which helps to dry down-filled jacket with gentle warm air.y.

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Full Specification

Bosch Classixx WTN83201GB

Bosch WTN85201GB 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer
Load capacity7kg
Energy EfficiencyB
Sensor DryingYes
Filter Full IndicatorYes
DirectionUni direction