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Frequently Asked Questions


0800 9_ 239 239
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If I phone will you get a repair engineer to me on the same day?

We try our best to give a same day repair service but we advise to phone as early as possible to give you a better chance.

Where are you based?

We are based in Chruch Langley, Harlow, Essex and are proud to offer you a personal washing machine repair service. Our engineers live throughout Essex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex and London so you will probably be visited by an appliance repairengineer that is local to you.

I work full time, can I have an early morning or evening appointment?

We try to be as flexible as we can so it is possible, but you will have to call into the office to discuss the details.

Do you give free estimates for washing machine repairs?

We do give free estimates but this could mean a repair engineer will call to diagnose over the phone. With our experience we can usually give you an idea of what the problem is and how much it will cost for the repair.

If we arrive to diagnose a machine but the machine does not need a part, we expect to repair the machine there and then because if you are not willing to pay the labour fee only there is no point to send a repair engineer in the first place.

What appliances do you repair?

We carry out the following - Washing machine repair, dishwasher repair, tumble dryer repair, washer dryer repair, electric oven repair, electric hob repair, fridge freezer repair. We do not repair gas ovens.

How can I pay and can I have credit?

You can pay for the repair by cash, credit card or cheque with bank guarantee card. We do not give credit unless you supply us with continuous work.

What guarantees do you give?

We supply a 3 month guarantee on any parts that we repair or fit. However we cannot give a guarantee for any blockages, cosmetic damage or for any part that has been affected by a different faulty part for instance if we fit a new pump and 3 months later the pump is faulty due to hair clip blocking it. We do guarantee any part or machine that is damaged due to neglect, flooding, fire, infestation or damp.

Do you supply washing machine parts?

We do not offer a parts only service at all.

Can I fix my washing machine myself?

It is possible but most washing machine repairs consist of fitting or repairing electrical parts. Once this has been done the washing machine should be tested for safety which requires the correct test metres. It is very easy to cause a flood if something is not fitted correctly so it is probably worth leaving to the repair experts.

Do you sell washing machines?

Our priority is carrying out a washing machine repair but sometimes this is not economical. If this is the case we can sell you a new one.

We can order nearly any washing machine you want but we only stock machines that are good value for money and will last.

Should I call out the manufacturer and will they give me a better service?

We work for a leading manufacturer so our repair engineers are just as good. Our prices are usually cheaper than the manufacturers and we believe our appliance repair service is better.